Scheduled FTP transfers

I am hoping SmartFTP will do what I need.

Scheduled FTP download from server to my local hard disk on a nightly basis.
Every night the FTP download will create a new folder with the name of the current date "2-19-09" or some such and copy the remote files into the new folder.

I want to keep an archive of the sites daily state so don't want each scheduled backup to over write the last copy from the previous day.

I can see how to schedule an ftp download but don't see how to get it to copy to a different directory automatically.

If I have to create the local folders to back up into it is hardly automated.

Does SmartFTP have a means to create a new directory in the local drive to put scheduled backups into in some automated fashion?

Thanks for your time.

I thought of another question.

Is there a way to start smartftp transfer queue as a service so I do not need to be logged in to perform a scheduled download?

Thanks again

Yes. Add SmartFTP to the Scheduled Tasks (Windows XP) or Task Scheduler (Vista+).


I would like to reopen this thread. I want to do something similar but reversed. I want to setup an automatic scheduled upload that will "backup" a local folder on my Vista PC to my FTP server. Same local and remote folders backed up every day. Can this be done - seems simple enough but have not found the way in the help files.