Automated sftp transfer of files to ftp host

We have what seems like a fairly easy process that needs to be setup, but can't determine if we need a script to do this or if we can do it with the supplied tools in Smartftp. Here's the challenge.

1) We have an automated process that creates a file with a unique name (MMDDYYYY) every day and puts the file into a prescribed folder on a server. This event happens M-F at 6:15PM.
2) We want to have schedule Smartftp to pick up the new file (different file name every day) and sftp that file to a set remote ftp host. We are doing this process manually currently.

Does anybody have any suggestions or recommendations on how to achieve this goal.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Is this something that can be achieved with SmartFTP or do we need to look at a different solution.