Can't run trial software

I am in the market for some FTP software. I have for a long time have been able to get by with just using the command line FTP included in windows. I am in the process of trying to transfer a domain and trying to help a friend completely redo their website so I am doing a lot more comparing of files and get/put a huge list of files. I found SmartFTP and am interested to look at the FileComparison feature to see how well that works. Also from the screenshots that it has a Windows Explorer interface which I think would come in handy. However I just installed the software and when I went to run it it said that the software is no longer free and that there were Zero Days left in the trial. When I hit ok it takes me to the download page again where it says try before you buy. Why does the trialsoftware only last for Zero Days? Is this a bug? I am running Windows Vista x64 Home Premium on my laptop with a AMD Turion X2 Ultra Processor. Is there anything I can do inorder to be able to try this software? Thanks

Please install the latest version from here:

There is a 30 day trial period unless you have previously used our product.