Changing Views

I just bought a new computer and downloaded the most recent SmartFTP software and I'm having trouble figuring out how to change the views.

I've always had my Website / URL folder on the left and my Computer folder on the right. When I starting using the SmartFTP software on my old computer (XP), I downloaded it and it was automatically set up with the both folders open. One was on the right and one was on the left.

The new software download onto my new computer (Vista) showed only the Website / URL folder. My Computer folder didn't open. I clicked around for approx. 15 minutes and now I have both folders showing. The only problem is the Computer folder is above the Website / URL folder.

How do I change it so that one folder is on the right half of my monitor and the other is on the left half? Shouldn't the software automatically load that way?

Menu Window->Auto Layout


Thanks Mike. That worked. I tried all 4 of those options when I only had the Website / URL tab open and nothing happened. I guess what messed me up originally is that both the Website / URL file and Computer file didnt' open up together when I first opened the program. I didn't try Window>Auto Layout again when I finally figured out how to get the Computer file open. Thanks again.