What happens when...

I double-click on a file on the remote server?

If I have a local browser open in my client, and I double-click on a file, say a .zip file, in my remote browser window, what happens to that file? Where does it go?

The same goes for files double-clicked in the local browser window, are they transferred to the server? Or are they executed on the machine like a normal explorer window?

I ask this question because I recently wanted to download a file and double-clicked it, instead of select and hit the transfer button (which sends it to the transfer que), and it appeared to be copying, but it never appeared in my local browser window. So I had to do the normal exercise of select and hit the transfer button so that it transferred properly to my machine.

So for all I know, that file is somewhere in limbo on my hard disk.

BTW, I am a licensed user, so if this needs to be moved I understand. But figured others might have this same question.

You can specify the double click action in the settings.
- Menu: Tools->Settings
- Then go to the Navigation dialog
- By default the default command (e.g. view/open) is used. Meaning the file is being downloaded and then opended.


Thanks for the info there.

On my machine it was set to Download to Default. I have set it to None, since I can't set it to put it in my Transfer Que. I can put it in the temporary que, but not sure what to do with it once it's there. I don't mess with double-clicking enough to worry about it. Setting it to None will be fine for my personal use for now.