Total Files

where does it show the total files that you are trying to upload? it only shows the total amount of KB at the bottom, i want to know the total amount of files no KB.

o, and is there a way the make the files start transfering automatically instead of having to click the play button before it starts to upload

srry but im newb to this stuff

Hello ..

The transfer queue is started by default. Make sure that you have the "On Queue Complete" option set to "Idle". You can find the option in the menu: Tools->Settings. Then go to the Queue dialog.

The number of items is displayed in the status bar of the transfer queue window. It does not display the number of all files because this information is rather expensive to calculate in advance. Also it provides little useful information.


how can it be useless information?

it can show u how much total files the script has and how much files u already loaded....
it gives u an idea of how much time is left