Silly problem that is preventing me from buying SmartFTP


I cannot understand why when I browse local filesystem in sync with remote, sometimes local filesystem is shown as big icons, or thumbnails, or what-so-ever-it-likes-at-the-moment. This is weird...
Is there any way to tell it just to display local filesystem as a detailed list, just like remote one? I do not want it to use Windows' stupid settings (thumbnails, big icons, huge icons), I want a plain list like every $0 FTP client features.

Thank you in advance

SmartFTP uses the Windows Explorer setting. And you can easily change the Windows Explorer settings as following:

1. Start Windows Explorer (explorer.exe)
2. Then set the view to Details or the way you like it
3. Go to the menu: Tools->Folder Options in Windows Explorer
4. Then go View tab and click on the Apply to all Folders button

Now SmartFTP will exactly use the same settings (Details view) as in Window Explorer.

Too bad for me. I do not want to change settings for ALL directories just to fix SmartFTP bug.

See ya, I'll go GlobalScape