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I am thinking about purchasing SmartFTP and I had a question... In the past I would get a beta or the latest release (when it was free) and only upgrade when i needed to. However now and then, I would be forced to because the program would no longer load. I do not know why such a mechanism would be put in place. I would think that it should be up to me, the user, to choose when to upgrade. I may not experience any problems and have no need for any new features, so upgrading would not be necessary.

Now, if I decide to purchase the program for a year, after that year is complete, will the program continue to work forever at the latest build at the time? Or will it work like the past with the free versions that eventually, the author will force me to upgrade (which would mean renewing) in order to get the program i "paid" for to work again. I understand that after the first year, I will no longer be entitled to upgrades and improvements. But I would hope, especially for a paid for program, that it would not stop working after lets say 2 months because my version is too out of date.

Any ideas?

If you have licensed the product you don't need to upgrade to the latest version. This also means that you maintenance renewal is optional. We are offering at least 1 year of free upgrades (all upgrades) for our products. This is more of less the summary of the text from the purchase page at:

I hope this answers your question.

That's correct. The free version expired after a certain date (3-12 months).

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If you don't want to take the opportunity for the renewal (a 17.95 USD fee) you can install an older version of SmartFTP. Unfortunately we are unable to provide old versions of our products (since they are not supported anymore) but you can certainly find an old version somewhere (e.g. your backup, backup CD, etc).



I have a new computer, I have install the latest version and use my backup to set it, now I can't access smartftp at all, I have the site redirection only.

I tough perpetual license was for illimited years and illimited version update!
When I have bought it at the beginning there was no maintenance plan ...

I'm desapointed, I will need to uninstall and find a backup version.
When installing you should add a special note regarding the license issue...

Since which version of SmartFTP is compatible with Windows7?


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I would like to address some of your questions with the hope to clarify your concerns:

1. The license is perpetual
2. Free lifetime upgrades were never offered. However all licenses include at least 1 year of upgrades for free (major and minor ones).
3. The setup warns you if you are trying to install a new version that is not covered by your license (assuming that you have installed the license key)
4. We backup your license key for free so you can resend it in case you have lost it
5. We offer a backup option (CD) during the purchase
6. Our maintenance renewal fees are low and offer a great value (upgrades and technical support)