How many PCs can I install on?


I've been testing SmartFTP for a few days now. It seems to be the only client that supports everything I need and has been working well so it looks like I will buy the Home version. At this stage I don't think I will need the Pro features so I may as well save the extra money. I just wish I had bought it a few weeks ago before the big drop in the exchange rate. It would have cost me about AU$20 less :-(

I've seen some posts in this forum regarding getting your licence key resent for installation on another PC. What I need to know is how many machines does the licence allow you to install it on? Ideally I will want to run it on my laptop, on my main PC at home and also on one other system here at work that I can remote control from home that allows me to download using the work link over the weekend instead of my home link. All 3 are used only by myself and it's all personal use. Only one will be used at any given time.

Since the licensing is per user you can install SmartFTP on as many computers as you have. I hope this answers your question.


Thanks for the super fast reply Matt ..... and it was even exactly what I wanted it to be too! So many programs only allow a single instance and that's a real pain for those of us with multiple machines.

Keep up the great work!