how to disable SMARTFTP from remembering the password?

Hello I would like to know if its possible for smartftp to start with the login information blank each time.

Now when I start it it has the site and username and password all filled in.

I used to like this feature but I want to turn it off... I looked in the settings
and tried to fiddle with the cache settings or workspace settings but I didnt seem to be able to fix this.

I guess lots of people would like to enter their password each time because of security in work spaces with many people.

Thank you in advance...

I love smart ftp .. its simple to use and.. wel.... SMART!

Hello ..

Go to the favorite properties of your site:
1. menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites
2. Go to the Quick Connect Folder
3. Right-click on the favorite and select Properties

Then in the General dialog leave the Password empty. Then connect to the favorite and you will see a dialog. Set the option to "Session" and your password will only be saved for this session.