Deleting remote files in File Monitoring mode

I just today recently discovered that an FTP client like SmartFTP exists, and I was playing with it all day long. We run a site with tens of thousands of files sorted in folders and it looks like SmartFTP is going to fit us perfectly, because we mirror folders several times a day and looks like SmartFTP does that faster than any other FTP client we have tested. However there is slight problem I have experienced while testing SmartFTP: when using synchronize option "One Way with Delete" (I regularly delete older files and add new ones to site), with Process and Monitor File/Folder selected, everything runs fine except that when transfer queue is starting to process Delete operations, it takes much longer time than upload / download / etc. FTP server (ProFTPD) is idle most of the time and looks like DELE commands SmartFTP is sending to server come with big delays between them. The Status is displayed as Connected, while Show Log states that the DELE command has been already sent. At the same time, another FTP client I am using (Total Commander's built-in FTP client), deletes files on server very fast.

We would certainly consider purchasing SmartFTP if this problem was somehow solved.

Can you post the log showing the problem (the delay between the delete operations?).

Are you using the latest version of SmartFTP?