basic uploading of website

NEED HELP! I am just getting started and have created my first HTML page. I uploaded it to my remote server with Smart FTP. My host is godaddy and I have a domain name. A while back when I was trying uploading a flash website that I created from software, it worked, but then it never worked again. Everytime I go to my website to see if it worked it shows "oops this doesn't exist on this server"??? I have paid for the domain, the host, etc. I feel that I have tried re-doing everything to make it work, but to no avail.
My website is

Can ANYONE help me please??

Hello ..
Make sure you are uploading your files to the correct folder on your website. Check for lower/uppwer case of your files names. Set a start page (index.php, index.htm, index.html). etc.

There are very good tutorials on how to to create website and we also have tutorials on how to upload files with SmartFTP: