Wont finish upload

Hi ive just started using Smart FTP, good so far except for the fact i can finish any uploads i try, my old FTP program worked and can see my old files on the web but my new ones will not upload or change

Log from transfer list

[20:44:13] Remote file exist check: "Index.html".
[20:44:13] SIZE Index.html
[20:44:13] 213 10066
[20:44:13] MDTM Index.html
[20:44:13] 213 20080707181156
[20:44:13] Source File: Size=10704, SizeUnit=Byte, Time=2008-09-23T18:10:31, TimeFormat=Exact
[20:44:13] Destination File: Size=10066, SizeUnit=Byte, Time=2008-07-07T18:11:56, TimeFormat=Exact
[20:44:13] RecentTime=2008-09-23T19:44:13
[20:44:13] Rule "IF Destination Time=Older AND Size=Smaller AND Transfer=No Matter THEN Overwrite" matched. Action="Overwrite".
[20:44:13] PORT 192,168,1,100,197,204
[20:44:13] 200 PORT command successful.
[20:44:13] STOR Index.html
[20:44:13] 550 Index.html: Permission denied
[20:44:13] Transfer failed.

and its like this for nearly all files

Any help will be greatly appresiated

You do not have permissions to upload. Check if you are uploading into the correct folder.

Please contact the server administrator for assistance.