SmartFTP Free => SmartFTP Home or Pro?


I was using SmartFTP Free (3.0.1016.19) and wanted to know, if Home or Pro has the same features as the Free version.
Is Free more like Home or more like Pro?

Hello ..

The trial/evaluation version is the edition with all the features enabled (aka Professional Edition). You can compare the Editions at:

I hope this answers your question.


I know that the Trial is working as the Pro Version. Since when is there a difference between Pro and Home? Since Version 3?
The only feature of the Pro version, which are usefull, in my opinion, are SFTP and maybe Encryption. What does the encryption encrypt?
All files (html, php, zip, exe) or only documents (html, php, asp, etc.)?

Ok, but if I encrypted an archive or a program, like a screensaver. Will people be able to download it like a normal http download?

Yes but they have to decrypt it with your password. They can use our encryption tool at: ... f2605.html

But typically you use the encryption feature to store your own files on the server for backup purpose. This way the web hosting cannot read your files and you are the only one able to decrypt them.


Thank you for clearing that up. Are there any possibilities to get SFTP for the Home version?
That would make the decision much easier. Though I am also looking at free alternatives like
FileZilla and CoreFTP.

SFTP is only available in the Professional Edition. The difference between the Home and Pro version is only 13 USD.

In my case, it would be 13 EUR. Anyhow, what is better using the normal FTP protocol, the FTPS protocol or the SFTP protocol to connect to a server?

Why do you have a different price? 13 USD are less than 13 EUR.

FTPS vers SFTP. They are both about the same.


Because I am from Germany and I was speaking about the 3 year License.

Ok, seems to be that i can use SFTP, but not FTPS on my web space, therefore Pro should be better.