Transfer only new files

I'd like to know how to transfer only the files that have changed.

I've got a folder on a Windows server which throughout the day will accumulate around 1500 files. I've got this folder monitored to copy the files when it changes to a Linux server.

However each time it copies the whole folder and not just the changed files - so come the end of the day it's copying 1500 files.

Can you tell me a way of just copying the changed files - or automatically removing the processed files from the Windows server, as they are transferred.

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Hello ..

By default SmartFTP only uploads new/changed files. But depending on the features (MLST, MDTM, MFMT, etc) your FTP server offers this might not work. You can set the operation in the transfer queue item to Move. This way SmartFTP will delete the files on your local computer after they are transferred successfully.
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There is a new option in the Advanced dialog of the transfer queue item. It's called [x] Do not delete folder. Enable it otherwise the folder on your local computer will be deleted after the transfer.