A question about purchasing

I've been a long time user of SmartFTP, and it's great software, but I have one concern about purchasing a copy. I have always been forced to upgrade the software when a later version is released to continue using it.

If I pay for it, I get one year of upgrades. What happens after that year? Will I be forced to re-purchase the software to continue using it?

Hello Atma ..

Once you have activated SmartFTP with your license key, upgrades are optional. It also means that after the end of the upgrade protection you can either decide not to upgrade to the latest version and therefore no further costs apply or you can renew the upgrade protection to get free upgrades for additional years.


All right. Thanks for the Reply.

also interested for buying the product.

i have just few questions concerning buying the product, with maintenance over 1 year.

let's say there is a smartftp 4.0 which is released, is the upgrade included in the licence means I have to pay for the new version? or the upgrade is free?

i am asking this question because when you order: it specifies smartftp 3.0... so then what is the relevance of taking 3 years maintenance?

thanks for your answers.

Hello ..

If SmartFTP v4.0 is released within your maintenance period (1 year for example) the upgrade is free.