Turn off "Copy and Replace" notification

Hello All:

I usually have to upload the same file around 200 times an hour after making changes to it.

What I would like to do is either right click on the file and choose SmartFTP and send it to the server OR copy and paste it into the SmartFTP program.

Problem is, everytime I do this, since the file has changed it ask me to "Copy and Replace" message.

Of course I know the file has changed, I changed it. Is there anyway of getting rid of this message and just upload the file I told it to upload?


Q: How to automatically use the file exist rules instead of the showing the file exist dialogs?
A: Go to the favorite settings. menu: Favorites -> Edit Favorites. Locate your favorite. Right-click on it then select Properties from the context menu. Then go to the Transfer -> File Exist dialog. Set the first option to Use Automatic Rules.
If you want to change the default behavior change the option in the default favorite: Go to the menu: Tools -> Settings. Then in the General -> Favorites dialog click on Edit button in the Default Favorite section.

Worked EXACTLY like I wanted to. Thanks for the speedy help!