Question about scripting


So I see there's a support for "scripting" in the Pro edition, which if I understand allows one to do the same/use the FTP Library, but through SmartFTP.exe instead, right? So does that mean I can't actually "interact" with SmartFTP (the running app) itself ??

To be clear: with this scripting support, could I have a script to add items to be downloaded on my queue on SmartFTP ? I installed the library to look at the examples quickly, but I don't want to write a script that does all the connection, setting server/user/pass and all that, I want to tell what site (favorite) to use, so it contains all the connection info plus file exist rules & other settings, and I only give the remote file/folder to be downloaded & the local path as destination.
No error handling or anything needed in my script either, I'll only have to look at my SmartFTP queue and see the LOG if needed.

Would that be possible with the scripting from the Pro edition ??

Thank You.

Yes the FTP Library is only one component of the SDK. Other components are the transfer queue and the favorites which you can fully automate. Please take a look at the SDK samples at:

The Transfer Queue samples may be in particular interesting to you. ... 13484.html


Great, looks like exactly what I need! I'll look more into it...