Visual Compare


I am trying out SmartFTP at the recommendation of a friend.

Everything seems to work well but I am confused by the visual compare.

When comparing folders I see that I have a mix of not equal, equal & orphans, however I have equals showing on the left that don't match anything on the right, and everything on the right is an orphan. How can this be?

2nd question if I transfer the files from right to left it doesn't actually make any difference. The visual compare will say I still have differences. Why would it believe there are differences?

Hello ..

By default the visual compare feature uses the date/time and the size to compare the files. If there is a discrepancy between the server's and the local time (e.g. due to a different timezone) visual compare will show you that the files are not equal. Or if the server does not support the function to set the date/time of remote files you will have the same problem.
To resolve this you can specify in the menu: Tools->Settings "Visual Compare" dialog what attributes/information the Visual Compare uses for the comparison. In your case I would try to ignore the date/time of the files.