All favorites not properly backed up

I'm new to this board, so I will apologize up front if this has already been covered. I did a search, but didn't find the answer to my question.

When I realized that SmartFTP was going to expire, I thought it would be a good idea to back up my ftp sites. I used both the text and url forms, hoping that one or both would give me the information on user ids and passwords for the specific sites. Like many folks, once I put them into the FTP program, I tend to forget what all the passwords were.

I thought was good to go, SmartFTP expired and now I find that it didn't export all my sites.

I have all the xml files (including those that didn't, for some reason, export to either the url or txt file), but how am I going to be able to convert them to a readable form? I can see them in Dreamweaver, but the passwords are encrypted. Can someone help me?

I am intending to up grade to the new, for pay, version of SmartFTP, but can't afford to do it right now. In the meantime, I'm in need of the site information, but don't have it.

please help!


Well, I worked around the problem. I have a friend who put SmartFTP on their computer. I copied my .xml files to my thumb drive and brought them into SmartFTP. After that I exported them to a file, so now I have all my data backed up in a readable format.

I'll still get the new version, but it's gonna have to wait a few weeks.