Upgrade License

I'm currently looking at purchasing a license for SmartFTP, since I've used the product for many years and have loved your work. However, I see there are two licenses, and so it raises questions. From what I've seen in the comparison, the Home Edition is more for me, but if I was to need those extra features only in professional, is it possible to upgrade the license from Home to Professional at a discount, or just the whole price?

Also, from my 30 day evaluation, I've noticed that the new v3 has a different prompt design when transferring files; that being, when it asks if you've like to "copy and replace" the file(s) or skip, etc. If it possibly to review to the old style that says "Overwrite" and etc options that v2 used? It's just a personal preference that I liked it being easier to read this way. If not, oh well, I'll get used to it.

Thanks. I can order once and answer comes in for the license part

Dear Derek ..

You can always upgrade from the Home to Pro version later. The price is 24.95 USD and if you buy it at the end of your maintenance period you get one addition year with the upgrade. So in summary you get the Upgrade to Pro version + 1 year maintenance for the Pro version.

The file exist dialog has been redesigned to incorporate the new file exist logic. For example you are given 3 choices now: Overwrite, Skip and Automatic. Automatic will use the internal rules to decide whether a file is resumed, skipped or overwritten. This should make it much easier for the user as the application takes over much of decision which was left to the user in version 2.5. What this mean is the application can now automatically select the best option and the user does not have to attend the transfers.

Also the dialog tells you if a file is newer, older, bigger, smaller and you don't have to manually compare two dates or sizes.


Thanks! Just a question: What is "maintenance" exactly? Support?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it in the knowledge base.

Just wanted to give an update that I've made my order, and it all went smoothly. Got my license key, and registered it to the trial. Launched up and working perfectly. thanks for the awesome product and the support! About the the dialog,m that's understanding and perfectly fine. It was just a preference with style, but the new style isn't difficult, just gotta get used to it

<-- Happy customer.

Thank you for your purchase. Just let us know if you run into any problems.