WMV file

I am the webmaster for our saddle club, a non-profit organization. I have successfully used this program to upload everything EXCEPT my wmv movie.

I use WebStudio 4 to design the website, and when I do a 'test' from within webstudio, all the files upload great and the movie starts when the website is accessed.

When I upload the file with Smart FTP, it says it goes, it shows it is there in the file list.....but on the website it is a black box with all the buttons, etc. it should have but nothing plays.

I've tried everything. I know there is nothing wrong with the file because it works through the other program.

The file is an wmv file which is stored in a directory called '_RefFiles"

If you want to see what it looks like, go to www.midmosaddleclub.cjb.net

NEED HELP. Thanks. Amateur here!