421 Too many connections

I've seen several topics on this subject on this forum, but none of them was able to solve my problem.

I host several domains on our server and have to do server to (same) server transfer. Furthermore, I have a connection with the same server through dreamweaver. Everything worked perfectly in SmartFTP 2, but now after a couple of transfer I get this error:

421 Too many connections (5) from this IP

So you can see I have 5 connections. My number of workers is set to 1, so as far as I can see I only use 3 connections. In the previous version of SmartFTP I could even have 4 connections to the same domain before getting this error. But apparently SmartFTP v3 uses more than 4 for 2 connections?

Anyone knows how to solve this?


Hello ..

Disable the background connection in the Transfer dialog of your favorite properties.
Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites
Locate your favorite. Right-click on it. Select Properties from the context menu.
Go to the Transfer dialog.
Disable Background connection/transfer


Thanks for the quick reply, I hope this will do the trick. Is there a way I make this a default for all my favorites?


Yes. If you want this to be the default (not recommended since thumbnails and preview features will not work anymore) make the change in the default favorite:
menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites
Then menu: Tools->Edit Default Favorite.


It did not solve the problem. After some time I managed to log in to server 1 and to server 2 (which are on the same server), this means two connections became available again.

However, the transfer ended up in the transfer queue waiting to retry. It looks like the transfer needs a third connection.

I decided to log off to server 2, copied the file I want to copy to a local drive, that worked and then I tried to connect to server 2 again, but that gave the 421 message again. Apparently the transfer 'kept' the connection, while the transfer queue is empty.

Is there a way to let the transfer queue give back the connection immediately?

If you want that the Transfer Queue immediately closes the connection stop it (the transfer queue). The connections in the transfer queue are not closed immediately because the chance that they are used quickly again are usually high.