slow upload speed (local server)

hi! I downloaded SmartFTP today, testing it alittle. I'm new ro FTP, so I'm not an expert - yet.

With that said... My upload speed was VERY slow. The server I'm uploading to is local, so I can't understand why. The server and I are connected through wifi, just so you know. I'm sure it's all settings, but I didn't find a guide which explained it all well enough.

Thanks. Stian

How fast is it and what do you expect?

How fast is it and what do you expect?
The highest upload speed I've had, is 6kb/s, which is more than a thousand times less than I've expected. I've expected an upload speed of atleast 10mb/s as a minimum. There must be some settings, I've read that when uploading with ftp to internet servers, average speed is 30/kbs, and there's something wrong when uploading locally, it's 6kb/s - at maximum.

Any help on this one?

You can try to play around with the following settings: ... f2558.html

However our tests always showed that SmartFTP is uploading with the maximum possible speed to servers in the LAN with the default settings.

Is it faster when you upload to a server on the Internet?


Maybe it's faster on the net, I don't know. Is there a test server to test with? As said before, I'm not very experienced regarding FTP