Cannot upload at all

Hi there,

I've just downloaded a newer version of SmartFTP than I had earlier (without any problems) and I was just about to buy the license, but thought I should try the new version a bit first. Somehow, I cannot upload files at all..! I'm connected to the server and everything is fine, but when I drag and drop files NOTHING happens. Any ideas? I use W. Vista.

Hello Kent ..

If nothing gets added to the transfer queue your system is affected by a pretty common Windows Vista permission bug. There is a solution from Microsoft Support which fixed the problem for most users. I posted it at (4th reply from the top): ... 0&start=20

If you don't want to do this you can uninstall version 3.0 and install version 2.5 which does not directly suffer from this Vista bug: ... f2599.html

I hope this helps.

The latest version of SmartFTP includes a workaround for the Windows Vista registry permission problem:

While this solves all the problems related with SmartFTP it does not fix the underlying registry permission problem. To fix this problem contact Microsoft Support or follow the instructions at the following post: ... st&p=47591
It is important to note that this problem has not been caused by SmartFTP and existed before you installed SmartFTP.


Thanks for your answers. I don't want to change so many things as described in your link, so I tried to download the 2.5 again, but I cannot even get it started as it says my test period is over... Boring. I think I'll have to get another ftp-program after all.