Is there a limit on number of files that can be displayed?


I have a desktop (local) folder with 13,332 image files in. I have tried transfering via SmartFTP to a remote server, but when I list the files in the folder on the remote server, it stops at a particular file, and does not display all the files.

I had the same problem with other FTP clients, such as Auto FTP Manager and CoreFTP, and had read somewhere that SmartFTP would show all the files.

I wondered if there was a limit on the number of files that can be displayed on a remote server?

The local window shows all the files no problem. Because of this issue I dont know whether SmartFTP transfered all the files to the remote server or not, because I cannot see them to check.

Any advice welcome.

Thanks, Jon

If you have too many files in one folder the server may not return all the files. This is probably what happened in your case. You can contact the server administrator and ask him to increase the limit or create subfolders where you split up the files.


The hosting provider tells me that its impossible to increase any limit, and that the limit depends on FTP itself.
Its not really possible to split up the folder, as customers will send the files to me in one folder you see.