Run as service for scheduled transfers?


I downloaded a version of SmartFTP Professional. Does this program have the ability to load as a service? I watched your tutorial on how to schedule transfers, but scheduled transfers are pretty worthless unless you have an option to load this program as a service so that you can get your reoccurring transfers when the machine doesn't have someone logged on. We have a couple files we manually download every morning, but I want to do it on a server and usually I don't logon to that server unless I'm doing maintenance.

Thank you,

1. Add SmartFTP to the Windows Sheduler (Sheduled Tasks).
2. Then set the On Transfer Queue complete action in the menu: Tools->Settings Queue dialog to "Close Application".

Windows will start SmartFTP (without logging in) and SmartFTP will process the items. Once its complete it will automatically close itself.