Download Problem

I am trying to download a file, and its says retry at ex:. 8:02:34 then at that time it tries to connect and then fails then it will say retry at ex:. 8:03:08 and it just keeps doing that over and over again

it is a popular file so maybe it is just competing with other people to get a connection? there are a lot of people trying to download it so i figure that that is the problem?

also i dont know what the whole "workers" and "workers/kbps" thing is about if you could explain that to me

Hello usix ..

Please double click the item/file in the transfer queue. A log window will open. Please post the log here.


im srry but its really long

[20:25:15] Resolving host name ""
[20:25:15] Connecting to Port: 21
[20:25:15] Connected to
[20:25:15] 220 XHD
[20:25:15] USER u60n0ness
[20:25:15] 530 User u60n0ness access denied.
[20:25:15] Active Help:
[20:25:45] Resolving host name ""
[20:25:45] Connecting to Port: 21

It looks like your server only allows you to open a single connetion. To read more about the problem go to: ... f2602.html

I looked at the FAQ from the server you are trying to login and it confirms my guess above:
2. You are using a FTP client that has a multiple threading. Examples are leechftp and IE. The Server only allows one login per ip and will deny you if you attempt multiple connections.
3. You have attempted to login to the FTP twice, using the same username and password that you previously recieved. Please note that your username entries are deleted upon connection, and that you must retrieve a new username and password every-time, EVEN IF YOU TRIED TO LOGIN AND FAILED.


ok well i got a new username, but they give the same password to everyone, so wat do i do now, cuz it still isnt working

it says on the server message that "Got an ACCESS DENIED error? DON'T use IE or LeechFTP. Use FlashFXP/SmartFTP/CuteFTP for best results" wat does that mean?

I don't think you can download a file from this server (one connection, username/password expires after login) using SmartFTP. Try the FTP client from Internet Explorer instead.


thnks 4 the help

i downloaded f and it worked fine

thanks all!