Maintenance Renewal/Future Upgrades

I use this program all the time, and I don't really mind buying. If I purchase a license and decide not to renew the 'maintenance license' after a year, am I going to be stuck with the current version? Also, how much will the renewal be?

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Yes this is correct. One year of free upgrades (minor and major) are included in the single user license for 36.95 USD. If you want to keep the version of SmartFTP at the end of the maintenance period no additional costs apply. If you would like to renew the maintenance the cost is 17.95 USD for 1 year and 26.95 for 2 years. Maintenance renewal is 50% cheaper when bought in advance. You can find the complete price list in the PDF on the following page:


Thanks for the quick reply. I use this software a lot, and it takes care of so many little things. The auto-update while editing is the best. Much better than 1. the awkward editing tools that my webhost provides or 2. developing and then uploading!!!!!


Sorry, I use this thread because i don't want to create an other thread just for that :
Do you ever plan a free version of SmartFTP ?
Like an ad version, or with some restricted functions ?
Or just a very old version who could be possibly used without license ?
Because i can't paid for a shareware, and i don't want too, but SmartFTP was for me the best free ftp client, and i can't find an alternative to him (lots of functions that I need are missing).
So i can content myself with an very old version (like the 1.5), or an ad version, but please, release a free version of SmarFTP Client. Sorry for the disruption
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