[Support Request] Corrupted Favourites on v3.0.1019.0

It's ironic really, that after downloading the latest version, out of license restriction necessity, that I now actually need support from Mat.

Since the upgrade, this morning, SmartFTP crashed, and my Favourites have been emptied. I had connections to about 150+ websites.

Luckily, kind of, I made a backup only a few days ago...

But the problem is, whilst I can import from my backup, I can only import the 'text file' version which completely removes all of the Folder structure that I had. This is infact better than nothing.

Or, I can import ONE by ONE the xml versions of all the files. Again, the problem with that is that I have to do them one by one, and I cant tell which file is which becuase of a windows-registry-style file name.

Any ideas on how to reinstall my Favourites to as they were before the crash?


SmartFTP does not corrupt the favorites when its crashing. The favorites are individual .xml files and SmartFTP does not open them for write unless you change the favorite settings or you connect to them. But there was a bug in the 3.0.1019.0 with the Transfer Filters. This has has been fixed already in version 3.0.1019.1. It probably caused the problems you were seeing.

To restore the favorites you can just copy all the .xml files (copy&paste) you have into the Edit Favorites window.