Expiring software

I am currently running SmartFTP V 3.0.1010.18 which I installed on Mar 19, 2008. This morning I attempted to run the software, and was NOT permitted. I was told the software was about to expire, and I was directed to a webpage for updating the software.

A few days ago, I COULD run the software. At that time, it stated that I had not updated the software for 350+ days. That is INCORRECT. The software does not appear to "know" when it has been updated.

I am running Windows XP. Since I can't RUN SmartFTP, I can't run the software to obtain the data you requested.

I CAN update the software, and then run it (for a while). However, the software will again "expire" in a few days. I have used SmartFTP for at least 5 years. I believe this problem started when I upgraded from version 2.xxxx to 3.xxxx. However, the problem seems to be getting worse with time.

This is by design. The latest version of SmartFTP is no longer free to use. If you would like to use you can purchase a license at:

After you have bought a license the application will no longer expire.



This is happening to me too. Today I have 0 days left after viewing a warning everyday that I'm presuming was an error.

I was told, before my latest install, that SmartFTP was free and going to stay free for non-commercial users.

Now each time I try to run the software, which I've been running since the year dot, I get taken to the webpage "https://www.smartftp.com/buy.php" instead of being given the software.

My installed version of the SmartFTP software indicated to me that I needed to upgrade to the latest version, and having 100% trust in the product and the team behind it, I went ahead to keep everything updated (just like I do every time I'm told).

At no time during the installation was I told that I was switching from a free version to a pay-for version, unless you hid the notification in the terms and conditions during install.

Luckily for me, I exported all of my favourites before the install. Lucky me. Other people may not be so lucky!

Mat, your company is so wrong in doing what they've done and how they've done it. I even remember, a long time ago, getting an email from someone at your company telling me that software will ALWAYS be free for non-com usage... if only I had access to that email (unlikely, since changing email providers over the last 5 years!).

SmartFTP is a great product. There is no doubt. I dont want to stop using it. But you will lose more support than you realise by doing what you've done. Think about how many downloads and installations there have been. And you tell us, in a few weeks time, how many have stumped up the cash. The numbers should be interesting.

I recommend your software to so many people, but what am I supposed to say now: "Oh sorry, I didnt realise that they were going to do that. It was always free before!"

Think about it, there might even be web hosts out there that recommend your software when people sign up for web hosting accounts!!!! Do you think they'll do it now?

Other people reading this posting might agree with me, but some of them will be saying "It's only $36.95 or $49.95. Just pay it. It's not much" but the biggest problem is how you've done it and the impact that has over trust. And I guess that even if we paid we would only get the updates for the 1yr, or the 2/3yrs if we paid the higher price!

Are we all now waiting for GMAIL to switch us to pay service within 3 days, or lose your email ????

Guys, who ever owns/runs SmartFTP...... needs to think again!

[Note this has been edited by the writer to remove a comment about online payment methods, as commented by Mats reply]

You can install the latest version from: https://www.smartftp.com/download and it will give you 13 days more. Also we have increased the additional trial time to 14 days already. This is for users that already have been using our product for years. New users always get at least 30 days. And if you still need more days to test you can contact us and we will extend your trial again.

We never advertised that every version of SmartFTP we ever release will be free. I also would like to mention that most users did unintentionally or intentionally violate the previous license agreement. Also we accept several payment methods (paypal, wire transfer, check, etc, etc) and credit card is only one of them. Also if you don't purchase a license you won't loose anything. I do not understand why you spread so much false information.



I've removed comments about the online payment methods. But I still stand by everything else I've said, generally speaking.

I often develop application software and web software, like yourselves. Many of the times, it's for free, in expectation of revenue from a linked service.

But to remove a service from my existing users, whether they were paying for it or not, without warning during an upgrade.... is a big no no.

I love(d) using SmartFTP. I think it's great. I would recommed it to anyone. It's got all the features I need.

But to hit a surprise $50 bill to someone. And it be an annual fee. Hmmm....

If I was in 'your shop', I'd be saying "get your Boss here now, I want to speak to him!

Now in addition to the comments above, answer this question :-

"If I pay for the software ONE TIME, which gives me 1yr support. I understand that I get to upgrade to the latest software during that time, but WHAT HAPPENS when my 1yr is up? Will my software stop working like it has done now, or will it continue to run past the 1yr, but I will no longer be able to get new upgrades?"

Before answering this, be very sure..... there's an answer that people want to hear, and there's answer that people dont want to hear.

The difference will be in the amount of revenue you collect!

Hello ..

Please allow me to explain how licensing works: If you purchase a license for SmartFTP you can use the version you have purchased as long as you want. It means the license term is perpetual. No additional costs apply. Furthermore with every license we include 1 year of maintenance. It means you will get free upgrades for one year and technical support. After the year is up you are not forced to upgrade and you can use the lastest version you have installed as long as you want. Our purchase page at: https://www.smartftp.com/purchase explains this in more detail as well.

So to summarize it:
1. The Home edition is 36.95 USD. The Professional Edition is 49.95 USD
2. The license is perpetual. It means the license never expires.
3. Includes free upgrades for 1 year
4. Includes technical support for 1 year
5. There is NO annual fee


Thank you for the reply Mat.
Your latest comments on purchasing will at least secure some sales.
I just hope that there are not too many disgruntled web developers out there.
I do wish you the best of luck in honing the financial support that your product needs.
Like I've said before. It's a great product! I will probably pay for ONE YEAR's worth.
After all, I use it everyday! All day! I should give something back.
But next time, think about 'how' you invoke things like this.
All the best to you guys.