Downgrade my SmartFTP version

Is there any way to downgrade my SmartFTP version?

I think the new version is a big head aid, it doesn't allowed me to upload to multiple places at the same time (something the old versions has), if doesn't select by default the overwrite option, before (with the old versions) I was able to just hit enter and all the process was ran smoothly, now I have to specifically click on overwrite button and the cancel is selected by default, before (with the old versions) I didn't deal at all with the Transfer Queue, I think this is a waist of time to use it, now I have to linger waiting for it to finish a process in order to start another.

Resuming, the old versions are multitasking and very functional, this new one is not; and brings a lot of issues to the final customer.

I used to have the old free versions, but I'm be happy to pay for a copy it now

If somebody know how to downgrade or where to download a old version (whatever version) I'll really appreciate it.


Thank you very much mb;

Is there any way possible for the upcoming versions to be multitasking as the old versions was? or you guys plan to continue the way the 3.0 is?


Hello ..

Multitasking works best with the Transfer Queue. To increase the number of transfers you can increase the number of Workers in the Transfer Queue window. By default it is set to 1. That is probably the reason you think it cannot process multiple files at the same time.