Hi, I have read through many of the previous posts regarding timeouts, and it seems like the often-given advice is to use the Transfer Queue, because it automatically re-establishes the connection. However this does not seem to be happening for me. I am using the Transfer Queue, and every 30 minutes I get the following message:

421 Timeout (no operation for 1800 seconds)
[17:24:35] An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.
[17:24:35] Server closed connection

The transfer queue does not then re-establish the connection, it seems I have to go to File>Reconnect and do it manually. However, in the "status" and "time elapsed" columns of the transfer queue, it does still appear to be transferring, even though the Log states that the connection is closed. So I am not sure how to proceed from here. I can't reconnect this manually every 30 minutes.

You can ignore this message. It doesn't affect your transfers at all. What you see in the log is only the connection SmartFTP uses to browse. If your server disconnect you SmartFTP will automatically connect again as soon as you navigate to another folder.


Wow- great, that's fabulous news! And thanks for the lightning-fast reply.