Connection VIA LAN Problem ...

I want to use smartFTP to connect to my server , via a shared internet connection.
in my office , the internet connection is shared lan through LAN , by Cproxy program ,

the main computer connects directly to internet by adsl , then cproxy opens a pot number 808 , and via the local lan ip , the other computers connect to internet through that port and IPs.

when using smartftp directly it detects internet connection automatically , but when i activate proxy it cannot connect to server , i mean it cant detect the active internet connection , and it gives the following error ,

i must say that i have defined the proxy for my FTP connection.

SmartFTP v3.0.1018.1
[13:04:33] Resolving host name ""
[13:04:33] Connecting to Port: 808 --> it is the local IP and port ,
[13:04:33] Connected to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. --> it is my server IP
[13:05:33] Timeout (60s).
[13:05:33] Active Help:
[13:05:33] Client closed the connection.
[13:05:33] Connect failed. Waiting to retry (30s)...

what should i do ? thanks in advance.

I recommend you to setup Windows Connection Sharing instead of the cproxy you are using.


I recommend you to setup Windows Connection Sharing instead of the cproxy you are using.

yes i know that windows connection sharing is better than cproxy , but i dont know why when i want to share internet , windows simply gives an error and says can not complete the process.!!!
without showing any solution.

i don`t know why , but i have installed fresh windowses on two different lans , ( 4 computers - two fifferent work groups ) but on both of them , the LAN is activated , printer and file sharing works correctly , but when i want to share internet , it gave me that error.

one of the LANs has ADSL , and the other is using wireless Internet connection- ( one of the computers have the wireless card , and the other dont . and then they wanted me two share internet through LAN , but windows gave me that error . so i used cproxy .

the browsers . messengers and other programs work easily . ( the programs which have internet connection options ) but the programs like outlook express , mozilla thunderbird , or SmartFTP , can not work on the second shared computers

i wish i described clearly...

another thing that i should say is that , this cproxy is somw how , a http proxy ( LOCAL client and server Program ) , and when i use this proxy in other types of proxies in smart FTP it fails , bacuase SmartFTP doesn`t support HTTP Proxy , it only can have server side proxies.

some how i will use FLASH FXP , their new version supports HTTP Proxy
i loved smart FTP but i`m so sorry for this mal function... bye all

SmartFTP supports HTTP proxy and it works as expected.

SmartFTP supports HTTP proxy and it works as expected.

so plz guide me on how to use it , as u see the problem isnt arised from my LAN settings , because Flash FXP works easily and correctly. so pleast tell me from where and which options should i define HTTP Proxies for SmartFTP?

now i use connections and favorites --> proxy Tab . but there is no options for HTTP , only other types of proxy settings is available.

Hello ..

You can find the HTTP Proxy in the Connection->Proxy dialog in the favorite settings. The FTP Proxies (which you dont need) are in the FTP->Connection->Proxy dialog.