SFTP created invalid directory - can't remove

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In Remote Browser to a Unix AIX system, I pasted from clipboard, the path to navigate to (rather than traverse the tree structure manually with mouse).

Unfortunately I did not notice that I included a trailing space when I copied the path from an email into the clipboard. When I pasted the path in, instead of navigating to the existing directory, it appeared to create another directory of the same name PLUS the trailing space.

The 'new' directory shows in the tree structure but produces errors in the log. I cannot rename or delete this directory.

After I logged off and back on with SFTP, the 'new' directory is not listed. So I believe this is only a GUI problem, it was not actually created in the AIX system.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Log on to (unix only?) system in remote browser

2. Click in the Navigation box to allow input

3. Type in or paste an existing pathname, starting from root, and then include a trailing space, hit enter. My example: /usr/abc/work/testing (with a trailing space on it)

4. New directory appears to be created with the trailing space. It is visible in the tree view. If I try using 'rename' function, the trailing space can be seen at the end of the new directory.

5. Any attempts to alter the directory name and/or delete it, receive "no such file or directory" in the log

6. The phantom directory remains in the tree until log off

7. The phantom directory does not appear after re-logon.

Here's the log fragment from when the directory was 'created'. I have used an underscore in place of the space, for illustration.

[14:40:45] CWD /usr/abc/work/testing_ <---- a trailing space is visible even in the log
[14:40:45] 550 /usr/abc/work/testing_: No such file or directory

Here's the log fragment from an attempt to rename ..../testing_ to .../testing1:

[14:47:28] RNFR /usr/abc/work/testing_
[14:47:28] 550 /usr/abc/work/testing_: No such file or directory
[14:47:28] CWD /usr/abc/work/testing_
[14:47:28] 550 /usr/abc/work/testing_: No such file or directory

Let me know if you need anything else to reproduce this. Thanks!

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This is by design. We consider it the correct behavior. When you copy an URL make sure that you do not copy extra spaces.

Uh... OK... if you say so

Can you help me understand why you would want to design this behavior? The purpose of it? Just wanting to learn something here.

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Truly, I was not being sarcastic... can you help me understand why this is desirable (or at least, correct)? It is pilot error to be sure but I'm not understanding why it would occur.

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