file integrity


I'm using SmartFTP v2.0.997.
I use dialup and pause/resume a lot and would like to verify file integrity of files I've uploaded to my website.
I don't understand file integrity (Tools > Settings > Transfer > Integrity).

Do I need to make a local hash file?
Do I need to make a remote hash file? If so, how?


Hello ..

Files are automatically verified if your server supports certain commands. Please update to the latest version for best experience:


Thanks for your reply.

I dl the lastest. I don't see any file integrity options. Is file integrity enabled by default?
What commands does my server need to support?


To change the file integrity settings proceed as following:
1. Menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites
2. Locate the favorite item. Look in the Quick Connect folder
3. Right-click on the favorite and select Properties from the context menu
4. Go to the Transfer->Integrity dialog
5. Make the changes
6. Click OK

Your server needs to support one of the following commands: XCRC, XMD5, XSHA or XSHA1. Most *nix and open source products do not support it. On the other side almost all servers on Windows do support such features.