Noob! Help!

Hello Everyone,

I'm a total computer noob here trying to figure out the basics of HTML and setting up a website.

I have a website that I'm getting fairly comfortable with that my friend set up for me. I'm using smartftp to access the files, make changes download/upload etc.

I've now got a new domain name at work that I'm trying to setup. I'm basically tryin to copy all the files from my current website to the new website I'm working on.

I've setup a new "profile"? (not sure what to call it) in smart ftp, but when I try to upload the files, they simply go to the Queue and sit there and never upload. I tried calling my host company and they told me to make a file in the www folder. I did that but it still wont work.

Any thoughts? Please let me know if you need any more info.

Thanks for your help!


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