Reverting to 2.5

Not sure what happened, but I just bought another couple licenses 5/31, and the download was for 3.0. I launched it and it LOOKED like SmartFTP, but it didn't act like - it was throwing errors, the Log View disappeared and would NOT come back, connection speeds varied wildly between 2.5K and 90K (while the SmartFtp 2.5 running on a VM on this SAME machine and conected to the same FTP site was able to transfer consistently at 100K+), At one point the Transfer Queue got stuck in an infinite loop - transferring the same 2 files over and over and over (I watched it for pure entertainment value for about 3 minutes, then put it out of its misery), when FTP sessions failed, I could not resume the queue, automatic file exists logic did not appear to be executing correctly, it just went on and on....

So I have reverted back to 2.5, which is a good product... something is either unwinding within your source code, or something went wonky with my install, or some freakish security "enahancement" from Microsoft has jiggitty jacked our reality. The only difference between the VM and the server is the OS (Win XP Pro SP2, Server 2003 SP1).

Anyway - no hard feelings. I've lost my primary web server, and my business is imploding under all kinds of stress so... this is fairly light-weight compared to the other problems that have crushed my psyche this weekend.


- weeeeeeeeee! Where's my personal incendiary device!