New version=nothing but trouble. Went back to old ver. 2.5.1008 Troubles vanished.

OK I am not sure what to think of this one. I downloaded the new version 3.0.something a couple of months ago. Have had nothing but trouble. The queue, slow uploads when I could get it to work, sometimes no uploading at all. Just about gave up on Smart ftp.

Thought I would check out the forums one more time, with the hopes of finding a solution to all this headache. I happened to see a post from someone with all the same trouble that me and everyone else seems to be having. He asked for a link to the old Ver. 2.5.1008. Admin said they didnt think it would help, but provided the link anyway. I decided to take a chance. Uninstalled new vers. 3.0.something. And reinstalled old ver. 2.5.1008. And in an instant all my trouble has vanished. I have not had one bit of trouble after reinstalling old version again.

Guys, I hate to say it, but there is some bugs somewhere in that new version. Please, please, please look at it closer. I have read so many posts from others with the same trouble I was having. And when I went back to the old version, all of it...not some of it. ALL OF IT went away.

Thank you for such a great product. Hell I am going to have to buy this one now I love it so much. But I would not use the new for free. This is one of those times, that Downgrading has been like manna from Heaven. It just proves that sometimes older is better and new does not always mean improved.

Hello ..

If you can be more specified about the problems we can help you with version 3.0. Most of the problems are confused users that don't like the fact that the transfers now go through the transfer queue.