Installing SmartFTP for localhost

I am new to FTP and hosting. Here's the problem:
I have some software I want to install which is WYSIWYG to create a social network website. They have supported installation (with a Wizard) if I install to my remote host. I want to install on my localhost first. Their installation process requires me to provide FTP login info -- to wit: FTP username and FTP password, as well as FTP Port, for which 21 is the default.

I loaded SmartFTP, but I don't know how to assign an FTP Username or FTP Password to SmartFTP. I suspect that if I had a Username and Password within SmartFTP that would meet the Installation requirements of my other software I could proceed to run it locally.

BTW, I already have Apache and PHP and MySQL in the folder with the new software and with SmartFTP. If it was just a matter of running everything from my remote server there would be no problem since I could get all the info from my remote host server people. Also, as an alternative to the installation Wizard, I could unzip the software into that folder where Apache, et all are, but I don't have a clue on what to do if I were to do it myself without the installation wizard.

Bottom line: could someone tell me how to get an FTP Username and FTP Password on SmartFTP so I can install my software. Alternately, what do I do ie. INI files, on Apache and/or my software for a custom install to my local computer?

Do I need to buy a license from SmartFTP? Let me know please.