Copy File Dialog

I just upgraded to vs 3.0.1016.2, and noticed the copy file dialog box is completely different. Is there any way to use the old format?

This version is very difficult to see file comparison for modified date and file size of local file and remote production file, making it difficult for code control.

Also, other issue, when I move files from remote server to local, sometime the FTP "freaks out" and try to do it over and over again, until SmartFTP stops it. The file is FTP'd fine the first pass, but it keeps trying to FTP like it's stuck in a loop. Any ideas?

No the dialog cannot be changed. If you compare dialogs side by side you notice that they are almost the same.

Check the logs in the transfer queue if you want to know why your transfer is stuck.


Honestly, if they were almost the same O wpuld not have mentioned. This new version is not as effective as previous. Something to consider.

It appears the retries are occuring due to [09:18:33] File size mismatch, repeated times in the log.

Mismatch file size is fine, and expected in most cases ... why would this through exception in FTP process, and cause multiple retries?

Post the complete log from the transfer queue.