Dual transfer environment


First, I'd like to say that SmartFTP is the best FTP client I've seen in many years. It's clean interface combined with detailed options if you need them is wonderful.

However, with the upgrade to 3.0, I also stumbled over the removal of direct-transfer functionality. Reading the most recent dozen threads or so about it, it appears not many people have my problem (I only noticed one). I used the 2.5 queue all the time, but occasionally toggled it off for direct-transfer. This was when I had queued transfers running to a server, and wanted to quickly edit or transfer a small file immediately. I could just hit the Q button in the center pane, do my small task, and then toggle it back.

However, I am unable to do this in 3.0. I had been going through the laborious process of letting the small file queue, moving it to the top of the queue, and quickly toggling the worker threads from 1 to 2 and back in order to transfer just that one file. This, however, seems like an unnecessary workaround.

I saw mb link to a KB article on dual transfer environments, but using two different favorites also seems like a clumsy workaround for something that was quite simple in 2.5. So, I'd like to ask: will future versions re-implement optional direct-queue functionality, or something like an "immediate-action worker thread", so that specified transfers can bypass other items in the queue? I would really love it if SmartFTP continued to be perfect for my use. Unfortunately, the current 3.0 version has added seemingly unnecessary steps to my workflow.

- nickersonm

We are currently looking at a possible solution but it's not an easy problem. The two transfer methods won't come back because there were many users that were confused by these different methods. That's one of the reasons we have removed one in the first place. We consider the "forced worker" in the Transfer Queue (or as you call it "immediate-action worker thread") the best solution at this time.

You wrote that you have to move the items to the top of the transfer queue. Aren't the edit/open/view operations already added to the head of the queue?



Thanks for your quick response. I'm glad to hear that a "forced worker" thread is in the works - that would definately be a good solution.

It appears I was basing my experiences on a slightly older 3.0 version (1010). The newest 1016.7 does indeed add view/edit items to the top of the queue, which is better.

- nickersonm