Please bring back selectable Queue/Direct options

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I often use F7 to edit small text files on my remote server. Even v2.5 removed the facility to do this direct when file transfers used the queue. I was forever loading the options to switch from Direct to Queue and vice versa if I was editing text files or uploading.

F7 using the queue is not suitable for me at all. I have the program permanently set to terminate on completion of the queue, so every time I press F7 the program terminates before I have finished editing, or I have to cancel the termination every time.

I am also sometimes uploading large files to my server slowly, due to my ISP capped upload speed, and I want to edit a text file with F7, but now that is not possible.

Smart software should take less time out of my day, not more. It is now taking twice as long to do anything.

Please consider at least bringing back a Direct option for remote edit and viewing. The only things that still appears to be direct is deleting and renaming files.

On that subject, here is a another suggestion. It would actually be sometimes useful for deletes and renames to go to the queue. I often rename a file before uploading it so current downloads from the website continue working while the 10 minute upload is in progress. Later I delete the original file and rename the new one. I have used FTP software in the past that let me do this in the queue so I could go away and let it happen automatically.

I see there are many others having similar issues. I rarely ever upload or download direct, but I can see problems with some FTP servers that only allow 1 connection per user.


Dear Ross ..

Thank you for your feedback. However this topic has been discussed numerous times in great length already.