uploading to reseller site

I have just purchased a reseller site from Hostgator.
Not to resell, but to group all my domains together.
I have added two new domains successfully, but #3 is a problem.
I fill in all the relevant details, domain name, username password etc but it just keeps searching and searching and keeps telling me it has aborted.
I’ve checked and all is identical to the other two.
Also. I tried a second time and now I have two tabs searching at the same time, both telling me they have aborted.
How do I get rid of duplicate tabs?
I also have a duplicate tab for one of the successful attempts?
This is a complete dog’s breakfast.
I’ve been sitting here 13 hours trying to upload ONE FOLDER!
Anybody understand this?
Anybody fix?
I do hope so or I’ll have to give up on the whole idea of multiple websites.