Wonderful!1 Ye buy a licence that ye can't use!

hey ye guys are brilliant - so I purchase a license for your software so i can keep using version 2.5 and well How do I enter it?

I can't cause ye lot in wonderful programming wisdom have decided that ye'll lock me out of the program!!

And no - I do not want that abysmal new build you've foisted out lately version 3.0 with its 'Enforced Transfer Queue'

Its stupid and i would have thought with all the complaints you've been having you would have fixed it by now.

So money has been spent on a license - How do I use that license? I'm locked out of the stupid frikkin program!!!

Smartftp? get a grip because seriously - this is already starting to show up in the social network sites - I've seen it in stumble, digg and reddit - you want to destroy your product? your going the right way about it...

Transfer Queue !!! It is the users choice if they want to use it - not yours - most don't want to use it I would have thought that painfully obvious by now. Fix it already will yah....

edit: anyway - managed to get it working - had to hack the registry - F*CKU and arbitrarily leaving registry settings in place, another down point - if someone uninstalls they uninstall - including registry settings. Disgraceful practice leaving settings in there and downright sneaky!!

I have other clients who look after home websites - They'll be advised not to used your software in future. so say bye bye to another 4-5 users......

btw - I've copied this post so delete it and I'll post it on my blog system and stumble it, digg it, etc... your choice! This really winds me up especially when I advice people to spend money and you make me look like a f*cking idiot....

Of course you can use the license you bought for version 2.5 as well as for version 3.0.

Resend your license key at:

In the email you find a link called "Download License Key Setup". Click on it and run the executable and SmartFTP is activated.

If you need further assistance please contact us at sales att smartftp dom

Matt --
You're a better man than I (with much more patience too). From what I could get from the OP he's unhappy about you "forcing" the transfer queue on us. I wanted to state publicly that I am one of your users that actually LIKES the queue ;-) I find that it SIMPLIFIES my FTP tasks (which I hope was your intention).

Yeah, you can find anything if you look hard enough (warez) but when you support the developer's efforts the program continues to exist. If you don't ... then there will be no need to go looking for that application. I, for one, believe whole-heartedly in supporting developers (as I am one myself). Keep doing what you're doing ... lots of us like it