Copy/Paste Files Question


Using SmartFTP Build 2.5 (and 2.0), I could copy the files or folders I wanted to upload and in SmartFTP, click Paste and everything would upload in one swoop. But now in Build 3.0, I do the same, click paste and it doesn't respond. Is there an option I need to activate?


Anyone know if this has been fixed or was my description unclear (very possible, lol)? In case it is the latter, here's what I did in V2.5:

I could copy one folder and then click "Paste" in SmartFTP and it would paste the folder and all subfolders inside, but now it won't do that and will only do one or two files, not the entire thing.

I just did it, and no, it didn't transfer all the files. Only 2 of them. Also, I'm using XP Professional.

And just to make sure, I went in to see if certain files had been transferred, and they had not. Strange thing is, it added a couple of files in a folder ahead of several others and files inside those files did not get transferred.

Now, I can go through and copy and paste each individual folder but it would be easier to do the parent folder and have it paste all the subfolders.

Not sure what you are doing but SmartFTP works as expected. You need to provide a couple of more information (e.g. screenshots, video, logs etc) if you think otherwise.

Ok, so what I'm trying to do is copy multiple folders within another folder:

images / covers / dvd /

And here are the folders within "dvd":
0722 / image.jpg, image2.jpg, etc.
0729 / anotherimage.jpg, etc.
0807 / image3.jpg, image4.jpg, etc.
0814 / image5.jpg, image6.jpg, image7.jpg

I have probably 10 of these folders. So, on my computer I right click "Copy" of the folder "dvd" and then in SmartFTP, right click on the folder "covers" and click "Paste". I then allow it to merge folders where appropriate while not allowing it to overwrite images already there so that only the new images will upload within their respective folders. However, while this worked in 2.5, now with 3.0 it won't do the whole thing.

In my example, what would happen is, despite new images in "0722" or "0729", it would only upload say, image5.jpg and image6.jpg from folder "0814" bypassing the other folders.

Now, while on my computer, I copy just the individual folder one by one and go into folder "dvd" (in SmartFTP) and click paste, it will work... It's just strange.

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Ah, ok. Thanks. This is just a hobby, so I'll look into other programs or just deal with the folders one by one.

Thanks anyway