Transfer of settings

I have SmartFTP on both my desktop and laptop computers. I backed up the desktop settings with backup tool and then copied them via wireless network. I cannot update the favorite data to the lap top.. I used the restore function on the laptop and picked the location of the imported data (zipfile) but the favorites and setttings were not reset.
Thanks much

You need to install the same version of SmartFTP on both computers:

Then the backup tool should work as expected.


I installed the most recent version on both Laptop and Desktop. I then used the backup tool on the desktop. I copied this to the laptop and "restored it" but it did not have the "favorites". I uninstalled the
SnartFTP on the laptop with the New back up from the desktop in place but I still did not get the correct settings. I did notice that the "backup" as saved from the new 3.0 version on the desktop had a 2.0 backup notation on it. I don't know why.

I installed the most recent version of SmartFTP to both my desktop and laptop computers. I then made a new backup on the desktop with the tool and copied this to the laptop. I ran the restore tool on the laptop selecting the new imported backup but it did not update the data. I then deleted all backups except the most recent one from the laptop and tried it again. No luck. I do find some old data in the SmartFTP program files.

Please post the system information (menu: Help->About) from both your laptop and your desktop computer.