I moved up to version 3 from 2.5 and within a day of using it the program suddenly closed and I got a message that it had been closed by DEP (data execution protection) This happened when I tried to upload to a server. I had never heard of this but it is apparently a hardware protection.
I opened the program again amd again it closed when I tried to upload the file ( aflv file from Flash)

I then found that my Firefox browser would not open because it was prevented by DEP (although IE7 would run OK)
I decided to use the Windows Recovery (Vista) and it "performed" and then gave a message that it hadn't been able to recover to my chosen recovery point. I tried with two other earlier recovery points and this happened each time.

I then decided to restore my hard drive from the Norton Ghost backup I had made two days earlier and, several hours later, I was in business again. Restoring the Ghost backup had returned me to Smart FTP version 2.5 and everything worked fine. Today v2.5 has "expired" and I had to download v3 which I am about to install (after doing a Ghost!)

I don't really know anything about DEP and, as it occurred whilst using v3 of Smart FTP I am worried that it will happen again, but I don't know, of course, whether that caused it or whether it was coincidence. Has anyone else had a problem?


I would recommend to you purchase a license for version 2.5:

The license is valid for version 2.5 and version 3.0 in case you plan to upgrade later.