Uploaded Not Displaying

Hi all,

I have uplooded an new website to my site. All the files seem to be successfully uploaded, and I can open them from the ftp directory (although the photos do not load, even though they have also been uploaded, any ideas there?), however when I, or anyone else goes to access the website, it first will not allow the user to go directly to the site, rather refers the user to a search engine with results of the typed in URL. When clicking on the search engine results, the new, or old, sight is not displayed. It displays that "Internet Explorer cannot display this page", the same as when the internet is not connected.

Any suggestions or solutions?

Make sure that you have the correct URL to access the files. Did you check upper/lower case?

Yeah, the URL is correct. I have typed and re-typed it, refreshed, cleared all history, all that stuff.

Is it possible that I dont have the permission to upload files, and it wasn't secure before hand, allowing me to delete it?

The log in SmartFTP tells you if the transfer was successful or not. If the item is automatically removed from the Transfer Queue you can assume that the transfer was a success.

Its been removed. it all looked like it was successful, it just doesn't actually come up on the internet.