How to Resume an Interrupted Upload?


Occasionally when I have a big upload to my server (multiple files and folders, like a content management system or Magento Commerce), the connection quits.

That might be my network issue (Comcast) or it might be the host (HostGator) but it only happens once in a while for seconds or minutes, and isn't too concerning.

What is concerning is that SmartFTP, the way its set up now at least, abandons the upload and I haven't found a way to resume a dead upload that got halfway finished.

I would love for it to be able to detect when the connection is back and pick up right where it left off.

That way I could start an upload, go to sleep, and come back in the morning and it would be 100% complete - no matter how many times the connection dropped out overnight.

Is that possible with SmartFTP? Or do I need another piece of software to do that?